Lake 2 Bay Financial Registration

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Registration to participate in the Lake 2 Bay is now closed. You can support our runners/walkers/cyclists/dancers/etc. with a sponsorship.

Registration for the 2022 Lake 2 Bay will not be open until after 1/22.




This is the *financial* portion of your Registration. Please click here for the *informational* portion of your Registration. (Link will open in a new window, feel free to click now before purchase.) Both must be completed for you to be entered in the Lake 2 Bay Run/Walk.

Please note: this page has both the option for a full registration or a teammate registration. In order to set up a team correctly, one full registration must be purchased. It is easiest if teams register all at once. 

For example, if Christina and Beth want to be a team and run the 5K together, they would put one 5K and one 5K Teammate in their cart.

It is okay to add people later! Please let us know who is being added to what team in the note section during check out.

To continue our example, a week later Hannah decides she wants to join Christina and Beth after all. They can now purchase one 5K Teammate for Hannah and in the note section of check out they will explain that Hannah is joining Christina and Beth's team. After they complete the financial registration for Hannah, they will finish her registration by clicking here and filling out her informational registration.

If you have any questions about financial registration please reach out to us, by calling either 309-365-7531 or emailing This will connect you with Meg, the Program Team Leader at East Bay Camp, who is handling our registration process.