Camp in a Box

Like other subscription boxes, Camp in a Box is a monthly package full of goodies- each month having a different theme. It is possible to buy boxes individually, or as a membership where you sign up for several months at a time. Each box costs $35, with a $5 sibling add on (so there's enough supplies for additional children).

Each box is loaded with crafts (with supplies and instructions), games based on the amount of people in the household (it’s hard to play some games if you’re an only child…), age appropriate lessons that match the theme of the box, a special link to videos, and a week’s worth of daily devotional materials.

Our goal is for campers to be able to lead themselves in most activities. There will be times that they will need help reading or using scissors, but we know that you all are busy and want to respect that in all we do.

Like our in person programs, Camp in a Box is designed for K-12. At purchase, you'll have the choice to select either an elementary, middle school, or high school level box. Now, some families have siblings that cover many age groups at once. In that case, you would let us know and we would work together to customize the experience for your family! A few people have asked if younger kids could do this. Sure! They will likely need more adult help though.

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